Leila's Lovelies Collection Sale

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This collection for sale is part of the 'Nick Balash Daylily Display' in the Kaleidoscope Garden

Leila Arboretum is pleased to be able to offer some divisions of the daylilies in the Nick Balash Daylily Display as well as from its other holding areas to the general public for purchase at a below-market-value price.

Leila's Lovelies are daylilies that, generally, are available only through specialist sources. You will not find them on discount at "big box" stores.

In many instances, they were initially purchased directly from the hybridizer and grown in the fields of Balash Gardens before coming to Leila Arboretum.

They are sold as two-fan divisions that have been lined out in advance for increase. By the time they are sold, some will have a third or fourth fan as well, which comes along with the division at no extra charge.

The price is $7.00 per division.

Shipping can be arranged, please consult 'Ordering Information'. The supply is extremely limited.

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We have provided an availability check off form below, so you can check off the division you are interested in as you browse through our listings. All photos have the name on the photo that correspond with the availability check list.

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Leila's Lovelies photos D - K

Leila's Lovelies photos L - P   

Leila's Lovelies photos Q - Z

After you have looked at our listing please use the online availability request form below to sumbit your request.

Your email address will only be used to contact you concerning the information on this form.

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