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accept Calling All Gardeners!!!

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in the soil and participate in a volunteer opportunity?

The Arboretum's entrance garden team is looking for people who would like to work in the Arboretum a few hours a week. The team has maintained the entrance beds for the past several years.

We help design the beds, plant, mulch, water and weed all of the entrance beds. Once we get that under control, we help the staff mow, trim trees and clear underbrush from the trees around the Arboretum.

We have also started efforts to rejuvenate the Lilac Beds. And we have been involved in a labeling project to identify and label the Arboretum tree collection. As you can see the team is involved in many activities and could use help in any or all of these areas - a great opportunity to learn and help.
The team normally works each Tuesday morning for three hours.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the team, please contact Jerry Tilmann at (269)964-2267 or Rick Maison at (269)986-4588.

You may also use the Online Form Below.

Online Volunteer Form

accept Gardening 365, Urban Farmer Training Program.


Full information is listed on our Educational Classes Page

Hours of Operation

Office: 8am - 5pm weekdays.

Children's Garden: Open for the season, 7 April 2014.
Weekdays: 9am - 5pm (Apr - Oct), Saturdays: 10am - 3pm (June - Sept)

Leila Arboretum: Daily from Dawn to Dusk.

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 There are no daily admission or parking fees for either Leila Arboretum or the Children's Garden.

 There are fees for Grounds Rental and there may be some fees for special events.

 There are fees for Guided Tour Group Visits / Classes / Summer Break Camps at the Children's Garden. Please check the Children's Garden pages for more information.

We are running two web sites in one, Leila Arboretum and Children's Garden. Whenever you are in the Children's Garden section of the site you will see a special logo at the top of the page. Anytime you wish to return to the main Leila Arboretum section you can click on the 'Home' button at the top of the page.

 Leila Arboretum Society believes in your privacy, we do not use tracking of any type on our web site.
 You do not need a Facebook account to view basic postings on our Facebook page.