Healthy Me Garden

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“ Leila Arboretum's Kaleidoscope Garden ”

The Healthy Me garden area reaches out to children helping to make connections with plants in their daily lives. The Battle Creek Sanitarium had a long tradition of promoting a healthy, vegetarian diet.
Kids love to learn about plants-fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs-that they eat every day and are important in their lives every day.

The centerpiece of this area is a giant Salad Bowl with four mini-gardens radiating outward from the center:
accept Pizza Garden.
accept Spa Garden.
accept Top Ten Veggies Garden.
accept Healing Herbs Garden.
Let's take a closer look!

Salad Bowl Garden

This Giant red salad bowl with huge spoon and fork salad tons is sure to get some giggles and excitement from kids! A variety of plants can be found in the bowl which kids can find at home or in restaurants.

Salad Fun Facts!

accept The average American eats over 700 pounds of fruits and vegetables each year.
accept Americans love salad and eat more salad than any other leading nation!

Pizza Garden

Kids often rank pizza as one of their very favorite foods and so this pizza pie shaped garden features the plants needed to make pizza! Kids will be quick to eat up these plants as one slice of this pizza pie garden is already missing! Children will discover that pizza contains many different fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Pizza Fun Facts!

accept February 9th is Internationl Pizza Pie Day!
accept Americans eat over 100 acres of pizza every day with an average of 23 pounds of pizza eaten each year by each person!

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Spa Garden

This garden features plants that we commonly use in bathing products such as soaps and shampoos. It will be impossible for the kids to ignore the old lion claw bathtub overflowing with plants! Kids will learn about some of the plant products that fill our bathroom such as wonderfully smelling and relaxing soaps, lotions and creams. The sense of touch, sight, and smell are required in this garden. Maybe it won't be so hard to get the kids to take a bath if they get to take a few favorite plants from home into the tub with them!


Healing Herbs Garden

This garden will feature plants used by Native Americans, early settlers, and people today to make medicines. Native Americans shared their knowledge of medicinal plants with the early settlers. Throughout historical times plants have always been a part of medicine and the plants shown in this garden will feature some common herbs and the ailments they have been used to treat. The sights and sounds of the bubbling urn fountain in this garden will also add a special touch.

Healing Fact

accept It's estimated by the World Health Organization that approximately 75-80% of the world's population uses plant medicines either in part or entirely. For many this is out of necessity, since many cannot afford the high costs of pharmaceutical drugs. Growing numbers of American health care consumers are turning to plant medicines for many reasons-low cost and seeking natural alternatives with fewer side effects are commonly cited.