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“ Leila Arboretum's Kaleidoscope Garden ”

The Kaleidoscope Garden is now featuring new classes for K-6! These new and improved one-hour classes are designed to guide students through the world of plants in a fun and unique environment. Take a closer look at plant growth, find out which bugs and animals need plants to survive, and examine how plants adapt to an ever changing environment. All classes are aligned with the current Michigan GLCE requirements. For more details on our classes download our 2014/15 Education Catalog.

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Is your class focusing on something not listed in our classes? Contact us and we'll help you "build your own class" at the Children's Garden using any and all resources and materials available.

K-2 Classes

Life Cycles:
Journey through the life cycle of a plant and a butterfly and see how the two are alike and different! Pot your own plant for a chance to see the life cycle of a plant happen in front of your very own eyes.
Cost: $45+$3/person admission

How Does Your Garden Grow:
What does a plant need to stay alive? What can you find in a garden? Explore the Kaleidoscope Garden and learn about all of the things that make a garden grow.
Cost: $45+$3/person admission

3-4 Classes

Plant Secrets Revealed:
Plants come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Identify plants in the Kaleidoscope Garden and find out how plants survive in a tough world!
Cost: $45+$3/person admission

The World of Plants:
All living things work together in some way, shape, or form. Find ou t how while investigating ecosystems and how changes in the environment can harm the delicate and important world of plants.
Cost: $45+$3/person admission

5-6 Classes

Plant Adaptations:
Plants have learned over the years how to adapt to changes in their environment. Find out how they've adapted and discuss how fossil plants tell a story about ancient life of the past!
Cost: $45+$3/person admission

Go Green!:
Learn how you can make a difference and help the environment! Find out why plants are important, discover the secrets of rainforests, and learn about plants roles in the food chain. Get details on how to start composting at home!
Cost: $45+$3/person admission

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Do you know when you would like to visit? Fill out our Online Group Request Form.

Online Group Visit Form

“ Once submitted our educator will contact you to discuss the details of your visit and reserve your group visit date. ”

Cancellation Policy:
At least 48 Hours notice is required when cancelling a group visit.

Katy Avery at 269-969-0270 ex:120